Seminar-art of sex and love

by Daria Gabliya
About sex, as about art and about the depth of feelings and love.
About the energy of excitement, orgasm, about the energy that opens in contact with each other, travels through your bodies leading you to a variety of conditions and living nearness and beauty.
Seminar- practice, mystical discoveries and practical skills in working with energy.

About how to combine sex and love. About how to divide it .
About how to use it for practical tasks. Health, success, how to enter the energy state from a zero state, how to get more energy from a sexual encounter than before.
Solo Practices (helping to realize the energy in the body and learn to regulate your energy status).
Massage practices (in pairs and self-massage) - helping to balance your state, improve potency, open the body for pleasure as much as possible, accept and give - sometimes you can't even imagine what massage or ordinary touch can be, until you know what total relaxation and what is 100% to take a massage.
How to change the state and mood of a partner using touch. How to play joint energy music, even if only one plays, but both hear and feel, and both dance this love and sex dance, connecting on the same vibration.
Sex as a relationship-healing practice, removing the pain of resentment and pretension, a practice that opens for you not only the body, but also the superconscious.
How to work with excitement and orgasmic energy, where to direct an orgasm, what it is. Do you know everything about your partner's orgasm?
Multi-orgasmic men, practices for the separation of orgasm and ejaculation.
Even if you are in an impromptu couple who met only at this seminar, you will have many discoveries and skills, practices and conditions that you will take with you and then decide with whom to share this wealth.
For established couples, this is an invaluable experience.
If your love story is in its infancy, the workshop will help you in a very short time to reveal to each other all aspects of interaction and attunement.
We will study the position and how energy flows in different positions of the body, where and how to direct it if we want to improve our health or resolve the internal conflict that may have arisen from incorrect work at the given moment in time of the heart, kidneys, pancreas.
Taoist and tantric practices and meditations. Exercises that you will be introducing into your life for a long time, seeing how it works during the seminar. And of course, my author's personal practice is meditation, my personal research, finds, secrets and experience of consulting and sex-coach of many couples.
The art of sex and love -
This is a wider perception and feeling of sex as such. This is a wider range of attention that you include in your sex game.
This is where you have fun creating art from love. You give love strength, energy, emotion - and your sexual encounter is different each time.

Sometimes you are physically treated, sometimes you heal your psychological traumas, sometimes you fill up, become violent, joke, have fun, sometimes you live deep psychological moments and all this is in sexual contact with each other.

I offer you new facets of the question, why do we need to make love, why find each other. This is not just about orgasm and pleasure. This is about sex on all chakras. This is about fullness at all centers. It's about the balance of the body, in the body and your personal balance in the Universe, how much you are in balance with the World, just as much as your feelings are in balance, your sex, how much are you in balance with God, exactly how much are you in contact of love with a partner. We will provoke the disclosure of multilayer sexuality.
I do not hold the same seminars, my condition also often has new colors and energetic shades that bring a completely different meaning even to familiar practices. Now I personally live in bright and beautiful feelings, explore the sexuality and energy response in a new contact, and even if you were at a seminar